How To Mount Blink Camera To Base

How To Mount Blink Camera To Base. While holding the mount in both hands, apply pressure to the outer ring while supporting the mount with the opposite. In vertical mounting locations such as a wall or post, the camera can connect directly to the volcano mount.

Wall Mount for Blink XT, Weatherproof Wall Mount Bracket and Cover Wall mount bracket from

You can purchase the mounts from amazon by clicking on the color of your preference: The circle portion of the mount will connect to the center circle on the back of the xt2 camera. A sneaky method to hide your blink camera in plain sight is to place it on a curtain rod.

After Mounting The Camera To The Wall Or Ceiling, You Can Rotate The.

When positioning your camera, remember the best. Take the mount with the side of the round hole cut out with the lip on. The back plate needs to form a weather tight seal, so mounting on a flat sturdy surface is important.

However, Don’t Cover The Device Up To The Point Where Visibility Ends Up Compromised.

In general, you need to insert the mount in the ground opening found in all models of the blink security camera, from the mini to the xt and xt2 (and beyond). Try putting it in at an angle, there are small raised elements on the mounting “circle” which go inside the “hole”. 2.6 attach the corner wall mount.

Clip Your Camera To The Mount, And Then Open Up Your Blink App And Launch The Live View Mode.

Instructions on how to mount a blink outdoor camera onto brick: Once mounted, you can rotate the camera on the mount itself to get the perfect viewing angle. However, the biggest credit goes to standalone security cameras, which many find easier to get from their affordability and versatility.

While Holding The Mount In Both Hands, Apply Pressure To The Outer Ring While Supporting The Mount With The Opposite.

Indoor 2nd gen, and outdoor cameras ship with this mount in the box. You can either put the device serial number or scan the qr code from the device. Qr scan would need the device access on the mobile device.

I Noticed A Recent Post On The Forum About Making The Camera Mount More Secure To Prevent Thieves.

First plug in the blink sync module and then go through the steps below. This video shows how to remove camera from base and mount. To do this, pinch the sides of the mount together and pull it away from the camera.

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